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Twitch, the ever popular Amazon owned streaming service, is being sued by a Russian internet company to the tune of $2.9 billion (USD) or 180 billion RUB. Rambler Group is seeking this amount and other punishments because of a number of user cast livestreams of the English Premier League that were live through Twitch.

In addition to the $2.9 billion, Rambler Group is also seeking to have Twitch banned in Russia. The reason Rambler Group takes issue with this is because they own the exclusive broadcasting rights to the English Premier League. The company says that between August and November, their broadcasting rights were breached by Twitch more than 36,000 times.

In response to the lawsuit, Twitch's legal council called Rambler Group's case "unfounded." According to BBC News, Russia is the third largest country as far as Twitch viewership is concerned.

Julianna Tabastaeva, a lawyer for Twitch, says that Twitch is "unable to change the content posted by users, or track possible violations." She continues on to say that Twitch took "all necessary measures to eliminate the violations, despite not receiving any official notification from Rambler."

The Moscow City Court will hear the full case on December 20. Until then, the court has ordered a suspension of the English Premiere League streams on Twitch. I find this suspension a bit odd, however, since those pirate streams were already against Twitch's terms of service. I can only assume that all this means is that Twitch staff will now be actively looking for streams instead of passively dealing with them via user reports that may or may not be submitted.

Ahead of the December 20 court date, Rambler Group and Twitch are holding talks "in the hope of reaching a settlement agreement."