No, it's not a VR game.

Despite the inclusion of what appears to be some weird VR goggles on the announcement image, the next Outlast game is not, in fact, a VR horror game. This is a point that developer Red Barrels has had to state repeatedly on their brief announcement for The Outlast Trials.

The Outlast Trials

While it may not be a VR game, it isn't exactly going to be Outlast 3. The Outlast Trials will be a co-op horror game set in the same universe as the previous two games. You will play as test subjects in a creepy Cold War-era experiment. You can either play on your own or team up with three people for some co-op scares.

What will you and your team face? Uhh... well, we don't really know yet. Today's announcement seems to have been made just to tell us what the title of the new game is after teasing it some months prior. And outside of this game not being for VR, we also don't really know what platforms it will be released on, how much it'll be, or literally anything else.