It also brings back an old hero from the dead.
Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Bungie just revealed the first details for their next season of content coming very soon to Destiny 2. The new season is being called Season of Dawn and whether you like it or not, we're headed back to Mercury. If that was the only thing to take away from this reveal, I'd probably just walk away from the game.

However, Bungie also revealed several other things that are actually kind of neat. Season of Dawn will indeed take us back to Mercury, but it will also play with time travel in slightly newer ways than what we saw previously. It will also bring back a legend from the dead.

Saint-14 is back. He's back to living. He's back to being a Titan. And even though I have his helmet, he's back to kicking ass. Unfortunately for all of us, it seems as though the main threat in this season is, yet again, the Vex. I hope you didn't get your fill of them in the current season, Season of the Undying.

Of course, there's the usual addition of new weapons and gear. There looks to be new finishers. There's some new story and activities focused on repairing the Sundial. This is a new 6-player matchmade activity where you're squaring off against the Cabal. This season's new artifact item is The Lantern of Osiris. Much like this season, you will be able to increase your power and get special seasonal gameplay mods with it.

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