A number of quality of life improvements are coming.
No Man's Sky Synthesis update

I am starting to believe that Hello Games just never sleep. The team released their absolutely massive Beyond update back on August 14 of this year for all platforms, including having the game launch on the Xbox One for the first time ever. That update added VR, Vulkan support, tons of new content across the board, and more. It was followed up by some smaller bug fix updates in the days following release.

Here we are just in November and another massive update is about to hit. November 28, which is tomorrow for those of you reading this on Wednesday, will see the release of the "Synthesis" update for No Man's Sky. If you're in the States, you can just hop into some No Man's Sky after stuffing your face with turkey in order to avoid all of the heated family discussions. That's very nice of Hello Games to do that for you.

The Synthesis update, aka: Update 2.2, introduces a number of community-requested features and improvements to No Man's Sky following the Beyond update. These additions are joined by a number of community-requested quality of life improvements and the usual polish and bug fixes.

Below are just some of the highlights. The full changelog can be found here if you scroll down.

Some of the highlights in the Synthesis update include:
  • You can now add inventory slots to your ship through Starship Outfitting Terminals in Space Stations
  • You can also use the terminal to salvage unwanted ships for scrap
  • The Terrain Manipulator has new visual effects and optimisations
  • You can now save custom outfits in different slots
  • All players, not just those in VR can access first-person view in the Exocraft
  • VR players now have a Photo Mode and Creature Riding across all VR platforms
  • The Space Map in the starship has been overhauled to improve usability and visuals
  • Inventory management isn't a nightmare anymore.
    • You can now drag and drop items to swap positions.
    • You can now drag items onto damaged tech to repair it.
    • Hazard protection upgrades not relevant to the current environment are now hidden in the Quick Menu
    • Stack size control is improved in the shop, transfer, and charging interfaces
  • New technologies were added
  • New base parts were added
  • The Discovery Page has been improved and made more easy to use
  • Improved snapping system for base building
  • Storage Containers can now hold more stuff
  • Personal Refiner tech allows you to refine elements within your Exosuit
  • Can now own multiple multi-tools
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements