Begins today with the "Kill it with Fire" update.
World War Z Season 2

Today marks the start of the second season of free content for World War Z players across all platforms. This season begins with today's free "Kill it with Fire" update that includes two new PvE missions, a new weapon, a Halloween trinket, and prestige ranks.

Today also marks the release of the paid World War Z Season Pass. The Season Pass is apparently out now for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in America. This is a bundle that includes all of Season 1 and Season 2's current and upcoming premium DLC. This is available for $29.99 (USD), which is a savings of about 50% off of the items if you were to purchase them all separately. A release of the Season Pass is coming to the PS4 in Europe "soon."

The Season Pass includes:
  • The previously released Lobo and Biohazard DLC packs, available now.
  • A new set-piece episode and location featuring three PvE missions (expected spring 2020).
  • Several new weapon and character packs throughout the coming months.
You can pick up World War Z from the Epic Games Store.

Kicking off World War Z’s second season of free content, the “Kill It With Fire” update features two challenging new PvE missions: “Dead in the Water,” in which your survivors must execute a new escape plan after being stranded on New York’s Hudson River, and “Resurrection,” which will take your team deep into the dark tunnels below Moscow. The patch also includes a new flamethrower weapon, Halloween trinket, and the ability to prestige rank for special rewards.