After years of searching, the original PC source code has been found.
Saints Row 2

As part of their 11th anniversary stream for Saints Row 2, Volition announced that they are going to release some massive improvements to the severely broken game on PC.

The team has found the PC source code from the original release on the PC. Keep in mind that the game was initially outsourced to a third-party for the PC port and they did not do a great job at it. In fact, you might call the port "terrible" or "the worst PC port ever" and it wouldn't be seen as an exaggeration by most people.

According to the announcements made during today's stream, this fixed version will have an entirely new ID number on Steam but will still be free to all existing owners of the game. Think of this as less of a patch and more like a remastered release, or even just a proper port.

Saints Row 2 on PC will soon include the following improvements:
  • Steamworks support for multiplayer
  • DLC that was once a console-only release
  • Increase to draw distance
  • Better resolution support including ultrawide support
  • Increase to audio quality
You can check out the VOD from today's stream via Twitch. You will have to fast-forward to around the 28 minute mark before the actual meat of the stream begins.