Now Xbox and PlayStation players can battle it out... together.
PUBG cross-play

PUBG Corp announced today that Update 4.3 for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has added cross-platform functionality. This update, currently live on consoles, allows PlayStation and Xbox players to battle it out together.

According to the patch notes, which you can find here, cross-platform play can be disabled through the options.

There is a small drawback to the current functionality of the cross-platform play. In its current implementation, you cannot form a party that is a mix of Xbox and PlayStation players. However, the devs say that a cross-party feature is "scheduled to be developed(...) at a later date."

The team also implemented cross-platform leaderboards. If you have cross-platform play enabled in the options, the leaderboards will combine the PlayStation and Xbox players together. If you have that option disabled you will only see players from the platform you're currently using.

As of right now, there is absolutely no mention about bringing PC players in to this cross-platform fold. There is a lot more to take in for Update 4.3, so be sure to check out that lengthy changelog. Or don't and just go play some games of PUBG with and against your cross-platform rivals.