Sales surpassed 5 million units in first five days.
Borderlands 3

2K announced this past week that Borderlands 3 sales have surpassed more than 5 million units in its first five days of being on sale. They note that "50% more consumers purchased Borderlands 3 versus sales of its predecessor." They do specify here that they are talking about Borderlands 2 and not Borderlands: The Pre-sequel when talking about the "predecessor" here.

This equates to a few things for 2K. First, this makes Borderlands 3 the fastest-selling game in 2K's history as a publisher. It's also their "highest-selling title for the label on PC in a five-day window." How positively vague!

Those 5 million units sold have resulted in the franchise as a whole generating more than $1 billion in Net Bookings and becoming the second franchise in 2K's history to hit this milestone. The first franchise was not specified but I'm going to assume they're talking about the annual NBA 2K franchise here.

Borderlands 3 is also the 2K game where most of the game's sales came digitally. Over 70% of purchases were made digitally on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. This game also broke pre-order records on the Epic Games Store. It's not very impressive, however, when you factor in how few major releases there have been on Epic Games Store that also included pre-orders. Now couple that with the fact that the Epic Games Store is literally the only storefront where you can currently purchase Borderlands 3 for the PC. Even the 2K Store gives an Epic Games Store key if you opt to purchase from them directly instead.

I have no doubt that the game sold "well" on the Epic Games Store, but there needs to be some perspective given to the claims being made. 2K continues on to say that initial sales of Borderlands 3 "have exceeded the label's expectations" across all platforms. For the PC, they say that "sales of the title through the Epic Games Store have been incredibly strong."