Developer Deck13 to offer players a choice.
The Surge 2

When The Surge 2 is released on September 24 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, those who are playing on the Pro or One X will have some graphical choices to make. The upcoming action-RPG sequel will offer a performance mode of 1080p at 60fps for the game, and a quality mode with upscaled 4K at 30fps.

Now, there aren't very many specifics to go on here. Both the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X will feature both of these modes. Both platforms will allow players to do 1080p resolution but at 60fps. It's not said whether or not this is a locked 60fps or a target framerate.

Both platforms will also have that 4K upscaled mode that is set to 30fps. Again, it's a little light on the details here. What is the internal resolution that the game will be upscaled to 4K from? Is the 30fps a locked 30fps or a target 30fps? We may not get those answers ahead of release. If anything, we may have to wait for a graphical analysis of the game to come after launch to see how these two modes are treated.

To that end, the previous game was analyzed by Digital Foundry, and that game also featured two modes: Quality and Performance. In the first game, the PS4 Pro version was upscaled from a 1620p internal resolution and offered solid 30fps framerate. The performance option did offer up the same promised 1080p at 60fps nearly the entire time with a few minor dips in framerate. If they can replicate that sort of performance for The Surge 2, it should be a fine offering for whichever mode you prefer.

The Surge 2 is still on track to be released on September 24 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.