Release date revealed to be early 2020.
Nioh 2

A new trailer for the samurai themed action-RPG, Nioh 2, snuck its way online today courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube account. They quickly made the video private after seemingly making it public a bit too early. The new trailer is for this week's Tokyo Game Show. Of the new footage included is a brief mention of a general release date for the game.

As it stands, Nioh 2 will be released in "early 2020" for the PlayStation 4. At present, there is no PC release planned.

This new trailer is entirely in Japanese, but it does show off some new story scenes and gameplay. We also get a better look at some of the characters you will encounter and the enemies you will fight against.

Nioh 2 was announced back at E3 2018. So far, we don't know too much about the game. We do know that you will be able to customize your character's appearance this time, including choosing their gender and race. We also know that at some point your character will be able to transform into a yokai, similar to the ones you're constantly facing off against.