The future of the game and studio are now in question.
Ikumi Nakamura

Ikumi Nakamura, the creative director for the upcoming Tango Gameworks title, GhostWire: Tokyo, announced that she is departing the studio today. The news was revealed via a series of short tweets from Nakamura's personal account just a short time ago.

This sudden departure comes after a near 10 year run at the studio that is best known for developing The Evil Within titles. Nakamura had joined Tango Gameworks the same year it was originally formed. From the sounds of her tweets today, Nakamura doesn't have anything else lined up yet.

Nakamura also helped with the artistic designs for characters, enemies, environment, and even the logo for The Enemy Within. She also served as the art director for the DLC released for the first game. She was then a concept artist for The Evil Within 2.

We haven't seen nor heard much about GhostWire: Tokyo since the first trailer made its debut at E3 2019. The game's future now seems to be up in the air. It's not very typical for a creative director behind a project to leave the company in the middle of development like this.