Find out who you really are.
Role Models

The final game coming in The Jackbox Party Pack 6 was revealed: Role Models. This game will allow you to see what people really think of you. How could this possibly go wrong?

In Role Models, you and your friends choose a category then you match each of the players (including yourself) to a "role" within that category. In the example they provide of Alice in Wonderland, someone who is carefree may be cast as the Mad Hatter, while the weird one in the group is the Cheshire Cat. If there are disagreements about who should be assigned to a role, players will perform a tiebreaker experiment specific to that role to determine who really deserves the title.

This game doesn't just focus on movies either. There are other categories like "Deepest Fears," or "Excuses for Being Late," or even "Reasons Why You Crapped Your Pants." Yep, that's the Jackbox we all know and love.

As you earn more roles, Role Models begins to hone in on which characteristics fit you best: if different categories peg you as both a show-off and an introvert, you’ll face a challenge, and your fellow lab rats will make the final call. The game awards you with delicious “science pellets” for voting with the majority and winning tiebreaker games, but the real payoff is seeing your final master role, made up of all the previous roles you’ve earned in the experiment. If you got Captain America, Pikachu, and “slept through my alarm,” you might be crowned the “Lazy Electric Patriot” of your friend group. And once it’s official, there’s no escaping it. That’s science, baby!

Role Models supports 3-6 players and an audience of thousands in the "control group." It’s also Jackbox’s first game to support player selfies as avatars! This long-awaited feature is totally optional, and streamers worried about abuse can censor individual photos or turn the feature off entirely.
Other games in The Jackbox Party Pack 6 include Trivia Murder Party 2, Dictionarium, Joke Boat, and Push the Button. The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is slated for a Fall release on PC, consoles, and "major digital platforms."