Hunt says farewell to Early Access.
Hunt: Showdown

It's been in Early Access since February 2018, but today is the day in which Hunt: Showdown is officially out. Today's full launch can be yours on the PC for $39.99 (USD) on its own or $44.99 if you also want the Legends of the Bayou DLC. An Xbox One release for the game is coming soon, though you can still currently play it there as an Xbox Game Preview title.

The "Legends of the Bayou" DLC offers two new Legendary Hunter characters, two unique weapons, and 500 Blood Bonds. The Hunters are the Bone Doctor and the Weird Sister. If you want the DLC separately, you can pick it up for $9.99.

Apparently today's release also changed up a number of aspects that long-time fans aren't too thrilled about. Today's release allegedly includes some changes to the visual fidelity of the graphics, an overhauled user interface, and some balance changes to various weapons. Fans aren't too thrilled about there being "day 1 DLC" that introduces items that many feel are "pay to win" since they are most certainly not just cosmetic in nature.

You can pick up Hunt: Showdown today through Steam if you are so inclined.

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Hunt: Showdown’s development has been completely community-driven, and that has been such a rewarding experience for the entire team. Together with the community, we were able to create the fun, tense, memorable gaming experience we set out to make," said Özbayram. "For example, it was a community request that inspired us to add teams of three to Hunt, alongside many other features. So a big thank you goes out to everyone who has supported us throughout the development process – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

About Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person bounty hunting game that packs the thrill of survival games into a match-based format. Set in Louisiana in 1895, the game boasts a mixture of PvP and PvE elements that creates a uniquely tense experience. It’s not just the creatures who are a threat—it’s every Hunter on the map. In the classic game mode, a match of Hunt pits ten players—playing solo or in teams of two—against each other as they race to take out gruesome beasts for a bounty they must collect and get off of the map, while Hunt’s quickplay mode offers a shorter match for solo players to scavenge for weapons as they compete for a diminishing pool of bounty. The higher the risk, the higher the reward–but a single mistake could cost everything.
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