Things that go bump in the night.
Little Nightmares 2

In 2020, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC will see the launch of Little Nightmares II. This sequel promises to offer more suspense and tense situations when compared to its well-received predecessor. Bandai Namco partnered with developer Tarsier Studios to bring us the story of Mono, a young boy trapped in a world "distorted by the humming transmission of a distant Signal Tower." He and Six, the girl in a yellow raincoat, set out to try to uncover the secrets of the world all while fleeing from the twisted monsters that chase after them.

Unlike the first game where you played as Six, Little Nightmares II will see Six assume the role of an AI controlled companion. The interactions with Six will reveal new details about the game's story as you progress. In addition, new gameplay mechanics focus on this new partner system that the team has developed for the sequel.

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At certain points in the game, Mono will also be able to wield a range of items picked up from the environment – a new mechanic added to Little Nightmares II that adds an extra layer of challenge to the game’s puzzles and encounters with enemies. There will be times when stealth remains the best option, sneaking past towering enemies, and times when players must think quickly to save themselves, as well as their companion Six.

In addition to new gameplay mechanics, players will also venture outside of The Maw (the setting of the first Little Nightmares game), exploring new environments including a dark wilderness and facing new enemies, such as the sadistic Teacher.