Not just any prison, it's a Siberian Prison.
HITMAN 2 Siberia

Agent 47 is heading to prison tomorrow, July 30, in a new content update for Hitman 2. This is, of course, no ordinary prison facility. It's a Siberian prison facility, Perm-14, set in... Siberia. This new DLC will be made available to all Expansion Pass owners. And before you get super excited for this one, it needs to be clarified that this is a new map for the Sniper Assassin mode.

Just like the other Sniper Assassin maps, this one will allow you to team up with a friend. You can play the new Siberia map cooperatively as either Stone or Knight as you work to take out two primary targets. These targets are Roman Khabko, a "renowned Russian mobster with suspecte political ties," and also Vitaly Reznikov, a "warden at the privately-owned prison who has been offered a bribe to facilitate an early release for Khabko." The mission is considered complete when both targets are eliminated along with Reznikov's guards, known as the Siberian Tigers.

If you want a more "traditional" Hitman 2 map, you should check out the content that came out just one month back. That content is a new map set in a big New York City bank.

This Siberia focused content will be available for all platforms (PS4, XB1, and PC) on July 30 for Expansion Pass holders. No word on if this will be available separately or for how much if it is.

The new map is packed with opportunities, achievements and hidden secrets to explore, along with unique gameplay moments allowing players to hide bodies and set entire buildings on fire by steering the prison riot around the facility. Completing challenges within the mission will also progress mastery with the ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle, Agent 47’s weapon of choice for this assignment. Reaching the highest mastery level with this rifle will permanently unlock it for use within all sandbox locations in HITMAN 2.