Faster, more fair matches.
PUBG matchmaking update

A new post on Steam outlines PUBG Corp.'s plans to improve matchmaking in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The gist of it is that they plan on creating a more fair playing field with this updated matchmaking system, while also attempting to reduce the wait times in certain regions.

Daegon Kim from PUBG's Matchmaking System Development Team provides a very lengthy and comprehensive explanation as to what the team hopes to accomplish with some of these changes. A shortened form of the post can be read below. If you'd like to see more details about each of the planned changes, be sure to hit up the above link for more details than you'd know what to do with.

The Direction of Matchmaking System Update
  1. Map Select (Specific Regions)
    • AS-IS: Any map can be selected.
  2. Mode Select
    • AS-IS: Players must wait for the queue or leave the queue.
    • TO-BE: Players will be offered to play Squad mode if a solo or duo match isn't found in a set time.
  3. Region Select
    • AS-IS: Players will be moved to other regions if matchmaking is not ideal.
    • TO-BE: Players will be offered the chance to change regions if a match isn't found in a set time.
  4. Improved matchmaking system based on Network Latency
    • We’ll also be putting more ping restrictions in place to make sure that people with similar pings are playing together and not inadvertently disrupting other players’ experience.
The matchmaking experience is crucial to the long-term fun of PUBG. We know there isn’t a perfect solution out there, but believe these steps will enable the majority of players to get into games. Our next step is to deploy these systems to live servers so that we can collect appropriate data while you experience them and give us your feedback. Of course, we will continue to work on new ideas to continually improve these systems, so please always feel free to offer your opinions and ideas. We thank you all for your patience while we’ve been getting these solutions ready. This solution will be coming with the next update, so please give us your valuable feedback once it gets updated.