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The Surge 2

Deck13 announced the release date that they and publisher Focus Home Interactive are planning for The Surge 2. That date is September 24, 2019. That date marks the worldwide release of the action-RPG sequel for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.

The Surge 2 is a follow-up to the rather excellent The Surge, which came out in 2017. Much like the first game, The Surge 2 is full of action, exploration, limb cutting, upgrades, and more limb cutting. It's similar in execution to a Souls-like title but with its own unique twists due in part to its unique sci-fi setting. I'm assuming we'll be able to get some fresh information once E3 actually begins.

Until then, we have some new screenshots and word that pre-orders for The Surge 2 are now live. Those that pre-order will get a URBN Gear Pack DLC for free. Details on what that include are below.

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Players who preorder at participating retailers will receive the URBN Gear Pack DLC for free, which includes an armor set, two weapons, one drone, one module, and a bonus online message icon (check listings for local availability). The Surge 2 Limited Edition is now also available for pre-order, including an exclusive lenticular cover, an 8-page comic book, a massive double-side poster and three lithographs. The Limited Edition is available from select retailers worldwide.
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