THQ Nordic founder tries to avoid talking about Epic Games Store sales figures.
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Lars Wingefors, THQ Nordic's CEO and founder, seemed rather reserved when talking about the sales figures for some of THQ's most publicized releases this past year. Specifically, he shied away from talking specifics when it comes to PC sales of games like Metro Exodus and outright ignores another question regarding sales of Satisfactory.

A lot of this information came courtesy of the latest earnings call for the company.

According to those who listened in on the call, Wingefors danced around many questions when it came to PC sales. Overall, Wingefors and THQ seem to be happy with the sales performance of Metro Exodus on digital platforms. Furthermore, an "absolute majority" of revenues have come from console platforms, not PC.

Wingefors initially had no comment for PC sales of the game.

Wingefors seemed to not want to talk about the Epic Games Store in general. However, when pushed, he claims that Metro Exodus did "a bit better than expected... in the beginning of the year." Interesting that he specified that sales were good in the beginning of the year.

Metro Exodus was still available for purchase on Steam up through late January. It was at this time that the game was pulled from Steam (and third-party retailers) and made it a year long timed-exclusive through the Epic Games Store. I'm sure you can infer many things from his statement, but it kind of seems to me like maybe those "better than expected" sales came not from the Epic Games Store but from Steam.

Wingefors was also asked about how Satisfactory was performing. Satisfactory is another game that was pulled from Steam ahead of its release and made an Epic Games Store exclusive. He completely disregarded the question. However, the company said that Satisfactory's launch "exceeded management's expectations at the time of (their) acquisition of (developer) Coffee Stain."

Besides this, THQ seems to have had a decent year. Their overall net sales have increased from the previous year, they revealed that they have 48 unannounced games in development, and they held an AMA on one of the worst cesspools on the Internet for which nobody was fired.

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