That sure is one way to announce a game, I suppose.

Update: Ubisoft issued a statement after this apparent earlier "confirmation" by Gerighty.

"Julian was obviously joking as Julian likes to do. It looks like our creative directors are having fun right now. We do not have any announcements to make at this time."
Ah, so it was a "joke." Ha...

... ha?

If you still somehow doubt it, Jason Schreier also confirmed that it was just a joke.

Original: Julian Gerighty is a Creative Director at Ubisoft that has helped to create and bring games like The Division 2 and the Splinter Cell games to the world. He also just, uh, kind of announced that they're working on a new Splinter Cell game. This big announcement came via Twitter.

I mean, it's been rumored for a while now that a new Splinter Cell game was in development, but there has been nothing official. Ubisoft has not yet officially announced the game. We know absolutely zero details about it. The only thing we know right now is that it's being worked on.

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