New Battle Pass cosmetics await you.
Fortnite Season 9

The 9th season for Fortnite is upon us. The latest season has launched this week and with it comes a revamped map, new cosmetics, new modes of transportation, and more. Some of the highlights include the Neo Tilted and Mega Mall locations. Players can now get to and from places utilizing the Slipstream wind transportation.

Those who like the Creative mode also have some new goodies today like the Hover Platform, a more advanced Creature Manager system, and new islands to build on.

The Save the World mode still actually exists. Fans of that mode will get to play the new Wargames game type, new story quests, and "a ton more." Still waiting for the free-to-play release of Save the World there Epic. Any day now, I'm sure it'll happen.

A big overview of Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass content can be found here. The full changelog for the 9.00 update can be found here.

Also, I just want to again toss out that if you are someone who purchases those V-Bucks or other content, feel free to help support this here site by using affiliate code "Zips" at the checkout.

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