A new Ghost Recon related announcement has been teased for May 9.
Ghost Recon teaser

If you haven't been keeping up with all things Ghost Recon related, you may have missed an ARG type site that was teased recently. A link to Skelltechnology.com suggests that a reveal is coming May 9 at 11:30AM (PT) for something.

But what? What could it ever be for? Well, Skell Technology is a company referenced in both Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six. It's very much pointing towards a Tom Clancy reveal. But that still probably leaves the door open for, say, a new Splinter Cell announcement, right? Well, maybe not.

The official Ghost Recon Twitter just flat out said today that it's a "#GhostRecon world premiere event." So uh, there goes that hope, right? It looks like you'll be able to catch the reveal at a "SkellCon" page, or at the Ghost Recon site, or directly on Twitch and YouTube.

Obviously, we'll have more information on this one as it's made available on the 9th.