MapleStory M The Legends Return

An update for the mobile MMORPG MapleStory M just came out today. In it, a new PvP focused competitive dungeon is a major component of this update. This update is called "The Legends Return" and is available for both the iOS and Android versions of the game.

This new PvP dungeon includes two modes: Ranked and Free. Ranked Mode will allow you to engage in 3v3 battles. The tier is then "decided by season ranking, and players automatically receive season rewards depending on achieved rank and results of wins and losses." Free Mode allows you to decide how you'll play, including being able to play with up to five of your friends. Players will get to choose from various Legends such as Ryude, Athena Pierce, Manji, Mike, Dark Lords, Grendel the Really Old, Mu Gong, and Moonbeam.

There are some other additions contained in today's update. You can see that below along with a new trailer for the game's latest update.

The update also includes the following in-game events:
  • Kemdi’s Dice Game - From April 24 to May 9, a one-of-a-kind board game experience will be available where players can earn dice through hunting. Players can then roll the special dice to advance their pieces on the board and earn rewards. Those who complete the quest will then unlock the mysterious Kemdi’s Gift Box.
  • Spring Wonder Wheel Event - Starting May 9, the Spring Wonder Wheel Event allows players the chance to win Emblem Potential Scrolls, Lucky Day Scroll, Unique Rank Up Stones, Royal Coupons, and other rare items. Maplers can earn chances to spin the wheel by finding special tickets hidden throughout the game.
Among the other content additions, 4-mini games have been added in the Mini Game Station. Also, based on player needs, improvements on Gold Leaf Shop, character rebalancing and general UI/UX have been applied.