Close to the Sun keyart

The release date for the electrifying (you'll get why this is witty in a second) horror adventure, Close to the Sun, is now known. That date is none other than May 2. On this date, PC players will be able to purchase and play Close to the Sun on the Epic Games Store (affiliate link).

The game will retail for $29.99 (USD) and is being brought to you by Wired Productions and Italian game studio, Storm in a Teacup. Console versions on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still planned but won't be out until later in 2019. It looks as though the Epic Games Store is the only place you'll be able to get this game for possibly around six months, or however long it takes to get to consoles. I'm just guessing it's six months. It could be more. It could be less. Close to the Sun was originally announced for Steam in addition to the Epic Games Store. There is now no word on any Steam release.

The story is set in an alternate universe 19th century where Nikola Tesla (there it is) was even more prolific an inventor than he really was. Players step aboard the Helios, a massive ship built for scientific research. Of course, the ship is also full of horror and mystery, as all good alternative 19th century ships are.

Grand halls stand empty. The stench of rotting flesh lingers in the air. Silence. A single word is painted across the entranceā€¦ QUARANTINE!

Using the raw power of the UnrealĀ® Engine 4 and embracing leading-edge technology to increase fidelity and quality within the game to deliver a breathtaking experience for players, Close to the Sun has already garnered considerable interest and praise from critics as well as fans.