Monster Hunter World x The Witcher

It's almost time for the PC owners of Monster Hunter: World to dive into the enjoyable crossover event and fresh content brought to the game courtesy of The Witcher. This crossover event begins on May 9 for PC owners. Console owners have already had this crossover event as far back as February.

This event offers up new quests and some new Witcher-themed content to earn. Geralt of Rivia himself shows up to hunt some of the titular monsters. Take control of Geralt and make use of his iconic silver sword as you hunt down a Leshen. Yes, those of you who played through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be familiar with what that is.

There is a new special assignment called Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest. There are also a variety of different endings that you can see depending on the choices you make throughout the quest chain. Finishing the quest will net you some Witcher themed items and crafting materials to create a set of Geralt's armor, a sword, and a shield based on his gear. There's also a Nekker outfit that you can get for your Palico.

If you haven't yet beaten the main Monster Hunter: World story yet, you should probably get on that. You need to be Hunter Rank 16 to start the new quest. You can take your time though because this crossover content is not time limited. It will instead be around forever and ever.

There will be a second part to this crossover event that starts on May 17. That one will be a multiplayer hunting event that has you hunting down the Ancient Leshen. You will need to be Hunter Rank 50 or higher for that one. Good luck!

Note that the trailer below is from when the crossover event started for consoles, so just ignore anything that says it's "available now" on it. Again, the PC release date is May 9.

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