System Shock remake

In addition to this week's sneak peak at System Shock 3 from OtherSide Entertainment, we get a long look at the System Shock remake. This remake is being handled by Nightdive Studios. Today, they released a 21-minute long gameplay video. This video shows off a full level of gameplay. Specifically, the "Medical" level is shown off here.

The team makes sure to note that this is pre-alpha footage and not at all final yet. They say that the level still has missing enemies, weapons, effects, and sounds.

The original System Shock is roughly 25 years old now. It paved the way for games like the BioShock franchise (the connection should be obvious). It also introduced many players a cyberpunk version of the future. You play as a hacker trying to take on an all-seeing, all-knowing AI called SHODAN aboard a space station.