Despite Sony having one of the most strict refund policies around, it seems as though they are making some exceptions for Anthem on the PlayStation 4. Crashes and bugs aren't really all that uncommon for games these days. However, Anthem seems to be taking things a step further by completely turning off the PlayStation 4 in some instances.

This Reddit thread made just a few hours ago is just one of many reports of this particular issue happening to someone. A couple of users replied that they managed to do the unthinkable and received a full refund from Sony because of the issues this game has.

This is what user bluetidepro said their refund experience was like.

I'm trying this now, will report back. Fuck this game. It's bricked and I'm not going to risk it fucking up my PS4.

EDIT/UPDATE: Yup, worked easily. I just went to their support chat (had to wait about 10-15 mins in the "queue") and said this:

I made a digital purchase on 02/23/2019 of "Anthemâ„¢ Standard Edition" (transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXX) for a total of $64.19. I'd like return it and get a refund for the game, please. The game is currently bricked, and broken. It is incredibly frustrating. I've gone through the support channels at EA to try to fix it and it is still broken. It has crashed my ENTIRE PS4 multiple times now when trying to play it. The game is broken on PS4, and I don't want to risk the game bricking my console to play it. It is a defective product. Every other game on my system is working fine. Can you help me get this returned and refunded, please?

And they helped right away, no problem at all. Just provided some account info after that, that they needed, and then it was refunded. Fuck Anthem.
Another user, SoundAndFury87, also had success getting a refund for Anthem.

Yeah man, just call Sony customer support. They asked what the issue is and as soon as I said "Anthem" they were like "Oh yeah, we know, we'll refund it." And that was that.
It should be important to note here that not everybody in that Reddit thread had success getting a refund. A couple of users replied saying that they attempted to get a refund from Sony and were told that they couldn't. Xbox users also chimed in and stated that they have not had success getting a refund issued for the game.

Currently, Anthem has a number of bugs on all platforms but it seems as though the consoles are getting hit the hardest right now. The game has already had a total of six updates for a wide variety of issues, including hotfixes and the big "day one" patch.