Metro Exodus

Goodness, this launch of Metro Exodus has been a bit wild. The other day we saw from Deep Silver's technical support that there wouldn't be any preload of the game through Steam. The email response from Deep Silver literally said that they expect to see the most traffic going to the Epic Games Store version of the game.

So, we assumed that meant there would instead be a preload period on the Epic Games Store, right? Well, no. We were wrong. To be fair, that response from Deep Silver was also wrong.

There will not be a preload of Metro Exodus of the Epic Games Store version of the game. It seems that the Epic Games Launcher lacks the ability to preload games! Whoops! Plus, it turns out that the Steam version does have a preload. This was confirmed yesterday afternoon by the official Metro Exodus Twitter account.

That's good news for those who purchased the game on Steam. Don't forget that pre-purchases of Metro Exodus were also available on Steam for quite some time before, you know, Deep Silver pulled it.

The exact timing of when the preload will be made available on Steam has not yet been revealed. At the time of this posting, it is not yet available.