Anthem Roadmap

BioWare seems like they're committed to delivering a fairly steady stream of fresh content and updates for Anthem after it's released. Today, the Anthem team revealed a partial roadmap of what players can expect in the months ahead for the game.

Granted, we only get a real detailed look at the content that starts to come out in March, but it's better than nothing. March kicks off Act 01: Echoes of Reality. Acts 02 and 03 are teased, but their starting dates or what they will bring to the table were not revealed just yet.

You can get a look at the detailed Act 01 roadmap below. In doing so, you will see that the first Act will finish with Update 03: The Cataclysm. All of this content will be free to those who own the game. So far, EA and BioWare remain committed to only charging additional fees for fast-tracking the purchase of optional cosmetic items.

Anthem Act 01