Destiny 2 Thorn

Just moments ago, the Destiny Twitter account sent out a new teaser video for tomorrow's big Destiny 2 update. Over the past few weeks, Bungie has been giving little bits of information here and there on what is coming in tomorrow's 2.1.4 update. This includes last week's "This Week at Bungie."

This update doesn't yet have a full changelog available with all of the changes, but some of the highlights include a buff for the Hunter's Golden Gun, buffs to damage on scout rifles, auto rifles, and sniper rifles. This is all very vague and just the tip of the changelog. We'll have more on the full changes tomorrow when the update actually goes live.

However, tomorrow also seems to bring about the return of the best damn hand cannon in the Destiny franchise.

Did you catch it? Did you?

No, I'm not talking about The Last Word! That gun sucks. I'm talking about Thorn! The few second teaser at the very end of the video was all about Thorn, the best damn hand cannon in the history of Destiny! It's coming back! WOO HOO!

I'm sure Bungie won't lock these new weapons behind some really convoluted quest or anything.