Fallout 76
It sounds as though the Fallout 76 beta is an absolute mess, at least on the PC. It all started when the BethesdaNet client just straight up deleted players' pre-loads for a time last night.

Since then, some additional issues have started to circulate on the Internet.

DSO Gaming reports that the Fallout 76 beta does not include an FOV slider, nor does it include support for 16:10 or 21:9 monitors.

On top of that, it seems as though player movement speed is tied to the framerate of your client. This means that PC players can unlock their framerate via an INI tweak, stare at the ground to increase their framerate, and outrun pretty much anything in the game.

A video from Twitter user @teajayylmao shows this off nicely.

Yes, this is most certainly issues that can and should be encountered and subsequently fixed in a beta. However, the game is just two weeks away from being released. You really have to wonder if these growing number of issues can be addressed in time for release.

For those who had issues due to last night's sudden game deletion fiasco, you may be happy to hear that Bethesda Game Studios is extending the beta a bit. The Thursday, November 1 test will run from 2PM to 11PM (ET).