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The New York Times relayed word from the police in Jacksonville, Florida just a short time ago saying that there are "multiple fatalities" as a result of a mass shooting that took place on Sunday. The gunman was also reported to be dead at the scene.

This took place during a Madden NFL 19 tournament at the GLHF Game Bar bar in Jacksonville. According to one competitor, Steven "Steveyj" Javaruski, the shooter was someone that was competing in the tournament but ended up losing. Drini Gjoka from team Complexity, was also in attendance. He was one of the lucky ones, having only his thumb hit by a bullet.

At this present time, authorities are saying that there are at least 3 people dead including the suspect, with a further 9 people wounded from gunshots, and 2 more hurt as a result of fleeing the gunfire. Jacksonville police have said that the suspect is dead, having taken his own life at the scene. According to NBC News, the search for any other potential suspects has come to an end. The one and only suspect is dead.

The tournament was being streamed live via Twitch. At one point just prior to the shooting, you can actually see a red laser dot appear on the chest of one of the two competitors that were playing at the time.

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According to a recent tweet from Variety, all of the staff of the GLHF Game Bar are safe and accounted for.

Once again, the politicians will send their "thoughts and prayers" to those that have been affected by this. One again, no change from those with the power to do something will happen that will matter in the slightest. I do not look forward to having to write up a similar headline and a similar story when this inevitably happens again.