Black Desert Online
Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced even more changes hitting Black Desert Online today. These include some changes made to the Savage Rift horde mode along with a system that rewards players who go AFK. These changes are in addition to the Black Desert: Remastered update that hits the live servers on August 22.
The most noteworthy change to the Savage Rift content is that the number of monster spawns has been reduced by around 40% which as a result makes each runthrough last about 20 minutes. Cooldown times for siege weapons such as the Hwacha amd Lynch Cannon have been reduced by 50% so that adventurers can shoot these powerful weapons more often. As a result, the reward structure has been reworked as well. Although the rewards per playthrough have been reduced, the rewards vs playing time have actually increased, making it more interesting for adventurers to engage enemies in the Savage Rift.

A special event for these changes will take place from now, August 15, until August 29. In-game rewards will be given out and the event also includes a special 26th wave. Players will face off against a new boss called the Savage Ogre. Thise enemy will drop a Savage Rift box containing items like the Soiled Ogre Ring and Trace of Savagery once defeated.

Now, what's this about being rewarded for being AFK? It's true. Hell, you can already do AFK fishing in Black Desert, so why not get even more rewards for when you're not actively playing? You are now able to earn combat and skill experience while going AFK.

The full list of changes in today's update can be found here.

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