A new Far Cry 5 trailer shows off some fresh gameplay. Specifically, it shows off some gameplay taking place in the mountains of Hope County. No, this isn't Far Cry 4, but I can see how you would be confused.

These are the Whitetail Mountains, an area full of trees, ziplines, and plenty of locations to snipe some evil, gun-loving cultists.
Montana's mountain country is a paradise for stealthy players, with plenty of forests to hide in and wingsuit-friendly cliffs for getting the drop on enemies, and it's home to some of the toughest people you'll meet in Far Cry 5.

The latest blog posting from Ubisoft has a heaping helping of story related information. There are some things about how you are a passenger in a helicopter. You arrive in Hope County to arrest Joseph "The Father" Seed, the leader of The Project at Eden's Gate cult. After finding your man and move to exfiltrate, the cultists jump into the rotor blades in order to keep your helicopter firmly grounded.

And that's just in the first paragraph. You should definitely check out the rest at the Ubisoft Blog, but not before checking out the new gameplay trailer and screenshots.


(Photo credit courtesy of the AP)