Surprise! Voice Chat on Switch is a Disaster


  • Surprise! Voice Chat on Switch is a Disaster

    Early tests reveal that the voice chat solution for the Nintendo Switch is a total disaster. We aren't even talking about the number of wires and connected devices you need to use if you want to use a headset (pictured above). Unlike conventional voice chat systems on say the Xbox or PlayStation, Nintendo went with a unique approach for the Switch. You have to download an app for either your iOS or Android device. Don't have one of those? Too bad.

    Nintendo is quick to point out on the official Switch Online App overview page that you cannot use voice chat in the background. You cannot use your phone for literally anything else other than voice chat while you want to talk.
    "The voice chat will disconnect while you're talking on the phone or using another application, but your voice chat will restart in the same room once you open the Nintendo Switch Online application again as long as the game session is still ongoing."

    Ars Technica went hands on with the software and put it through some of its paces today. It uh, wasn't good. Namely, you are locked to talking to people that are playing the same specific, supported games. Talking to friends that are in another game from you? Ha, what nonsense!
    What's more, early testing confirms that the app won't work if your phone goes into power-saving "sleep mode," with the screen inactive. And don't bother trying to use the app to chat with your Switch friends while away from the system, either: you can only join chat rooms with people when you're actively playing a specific, supported game with them.

    This actively goes against so many other voice chat solutions, even beyond the built-in functionality on the Xbox and PlayStation. Apps like Skype and Discord will allow you to continue talking while using your phone for other things.

    GameXplain had additional issues to contend with. They took near 15 minutes to explain some of the ins and outs of the Switch voice chat app and, well, it gets worse.

    Specifically, they mention how they were unable to even pull down the notification tray on their phones without causing the voice chat to get immediately cut off. It's 2017, Nintendo. Let's get your stuff in order, yeah? For as daring as you are with some of your technologies (motion controls, 3D, etc.), you sure are behind the times on even the most basic stuff.

    Top image via Baleoce on NeoGAF.

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      We're probably better off waiting for eShop to release Discord once it gets native support for the Switch.

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