Similar to the previous years, Sony is again going for a "less talk, more rock more games" approach to E3. Sony's E3 2017 press conference, which is scheduled for 9PM (ET) on Monday, June 12, will once again put the focus on video games.

Shawn Layden, his remarks relayed by Time, says that the audience will have to "suffer" only about 90 seconds of his stage presence.
As for the experience awaiting PlayStation buffs when the curtain lifts on Sony's E3 media event, live streaming from the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall (online as well as in select theaters) next Monday, June 12, Layden says to think of it less as a press conference than a software showcase."The crowd will only have to suffer I think in aggregate 90 seconds of me," he jokes. "And in the middle will be all the games."

Last year, Sony seemed to do a rather decent job of focusing more on games than in years prior. It's nice to hear that they are going to continue that tradition.