Facebook's very own Mark Zuckerberg gave his testimony this Tuesday in the legal battle between Oculus VR and ZeniMax. If you need a refresher (2, 3, 4) I suggest you check out those previous threads. Zuckerberg claims that no theft happened from ZeniMax. In fact, Zuckerberg claims to have never heard of ZeniMax before.

A lawyer for ZeniMax used their questioning time to suggest that Facebook rushed through their initial review of Oculus before deciding to purchase the virtual reality company. In response to a line of questions from Facebook's lawyers, Zuckerberg said that the company spends "weeks, months, or even years thinking about the issues that lead it to make acquisitions." However, he also goes on to say that he believes that negotiating deals quickly is important in an industry full of competitors looking to do the same.

(via NY Times)