Oculus has removed the hardware check for Oculus "exclusive" games. This annoying bit of DRM, introduced back in May, prevented non-Oculus users from playing games on other VR hardware (such as the Vive) and only allowed Oculus VR headsets to play purchased titles.

People, namely those working on Revive, found ways around this that opened the door to easily accessible piracy. One of the more popular methods modified the software to allow sideloading of games. Revive's developer said that he didn't want to go that route but he said he had no choice.

Fortunately, Oculus seems to have seen what a stupid idea it was to implement such restrictive DRM, especially in these early days where VR is just starting to get off the ground. They have quietly removed the check that limits play to Oculus headsets.

The company has issued a small statement on the matter.

This reveal came a short time after the Revive developer posted about the discovery of the removed restrictions on Reddit.