If you are one of the billions of people (perhaps a slight exaggeration) looking forward to playing Dead Rising 4, you may have to wait a bit unless you purchase it on the Xbox One or the Windows 10 Store.

Microsoft has a one year exclusive period for the game when it comes to consoles. This means that the potential for it appearing on the PlayStation 4 won't come up until a full year after its release on the Xbox One on December 6, 2016. PC gamers were left in a state of confusion as to what exactly it meant for them. It turns out that Dead Rising 4 will be available on the Windows 10 Store the same day that it's out for the Xbox One.

Only after a period of 90 days have passed will PC gamers be able to pick it up from other retailers on the platform. This means that after 90 days, Capcom is free to sell Dead Rising 4 on services such as Steam.

The following statement was given to Gamespot.

It's unfortunate that this is what the reality is like right now. You either find yourself picking the game up from the Windows 10 Store on day one and dealing with the shortcomings of UWP, or you wait 90 days to experience it in a better ecosystem. PS4 only players have no choice but to wait. This is the price everyone has to pay for timed exclusive bullshit.