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  1. M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    Ok now i challenge anyone who is bored of the game already to try this concept as its seriously hilarious to play.

    Get your M95 and attach a red dot scope to it (imo shouldnt even be possible) and go for it. You can now mow people down from any range with almost 100% 1 hit kills from anything below approx. 30 metres.

    Its just such a crazy way to play the game but so satisfying to be one on one with a guy with an AR to pull off a single shot and move along Its even possible to turn the semi-auto snipers (especially SVU) it semi automatic machine guns with deadly power!

    Has anyone else had a play around with this? Its EPIC.

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    Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    Nope, don't have M95 yet. But I hope that I can put red dot sight on M1 Garand.

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    Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    M95 + Red Dot Sight + Magnum Rounds, now it has an even bigger one shot kill distance!

  4. Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    All I can say is I will be trying this bad boy out tonight

    +rep for the future lols.

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    Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    lol epic. Will try it.

  6. Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    Red dot site is awesome but I find the 4x scope to be the all around site for close quarter combat and long distance shooting.

  7. Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    Yea i forgot to mention that if you add the magnum rounds, prepare for even more ludicrous fun

    Oh and the moaning from other people that you get just tops it off really

  8. Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    gonna try it tonight !! lol

  9. Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    I just racked up a 32 kill streak with this technique! Im almost inclined to say its overpowered as you dont even have to be a good twitch shot to kill.

    Either way im LOVING it, really brings m back to the WW2 bolt action rifles where it was sights or nothing

  10. Re: M95 + Red Dot = Comedy!

    Quote Originally Posted by =MNKY=Frosty View Post
    M95 + Red Dot Sight + Magnum Rounds, now it has an even bigger one shot kill distance!
    OH YA! I've done this a few times and it's funnnnn.

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