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    Re: "Sorry, I'm Fresh out of Supplies"

    I wasn't sure why that Spam of "Supplies Here" happen. At least now i know.

    When someone asks for supplies or a med hub and i can't pull it out, i just go infront of him and cycle through all my weapons so he can kinda see i am looking for it, then i just leave my defib out until i am able to pull a hub out.

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    Re: "Sorry, I'm Fresh out of Supplies"

    If he's hurting and you can't use your med hub, TK him and rez. It's quicker and even though it'll probably get you a punish, it'll help the team in the long run (and since you're a brig already you're not hurting for points ). If he wants ammo, well, he's SOL I guess.

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    Re: "Sorry, I'm Fresh out of Supplies"

    this is what my drug dealer would say to me.

  4. Re: "Sorry, I'm Fresh out of Supplies"

    What you hear and don't hear is governed by what audio settings you have. There's a slider bar that you select the number of 'voices' from.

    Also sometimes you'll only hear the 3rd person variant of the sound when you hear someone else say it, not you.

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