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    Frontlines v3.5 Released

    Our community member hajas has sent in some news today about the latest release of his mod Frontlines for COD4. Take a look:

    A pre-release of the War Server was released today bringing many new realistic features, like real damage feedback, lots of blood specially on the explosions, a new Last Stand, 2 new Weapons Modes and many more... and of course, after many requests I changed my mind and bring to you HER to COD4! Now you will really fear your enemy! Frontlines 4.0 with the War Server is coming...

    v3.5 Changelog
    [HER] Hajas Extreme Realism (even without Hardcore)
    Frontlines Damage Feedback (Pain Sounds, Blood, new explosions FX, etc...)
    Frontlines Last Stand (Realistic)
    Chopper auto config depending of the number of players
    New Tactical and Infantry Modes to Weapons Modes
    Option to turn off Hardpoints just in Weapons Modes
    Option to Create a Class ingame without the need to disconnect (take effect in the next map)
    Show icons to VIP, Commander and Bomber in the scoreboard
    Anti-Camping counting in Prematch period was removed
    Anti-Camping new intelligent treatment about vertical move
    Anti-Camping option to punish the player with points loss aside the self suicide
    Option to disable the KILL icon in Sabotage
    Option to disable all 3D icons or choose their size ingame
    Fast way to Record demos ingame
    Progress bars moved to a better place
    Auto-Balance and Change Classes Messages are now smallers and in the bottom left
    Auto-Assign master list - list with who can choose the team even with AA on
    FIXED Bug : When duel was brupted interrupted was causing bad behavior in next round
    FIXED Bug : Original Roundlimit bug fixed
    Ultrastats 100% Compatible

    To learn more about this mod be sure to visit here.

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    Some cool stuff in there. The expanding blood pool is great. :lol:

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    Re: Frontlines v3.5 Released

    great job freddy.

    i agree with whisk the blood is cool

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    [TC]Murdock Guest

    Re: Frontlines v3.5 Released

    looks pretty awsome hopefully it will be good

  5. Re: Frontlines v3.5 Released

    thanks! glad you liked! :P

    the next release is close, will come with the War Server (FINALLY!) and few new surprises, like the Medic Perk...

    you can already take a view in the first tests with the Medic Perk here:

    this one was the first version that was working... now you need to put your weapon down first to take care of the wonded friend, and few tweaks like the blood pool will only appears when the soldier really dies...

    the time to save and the time which the wounded will be alive stays as the same of the new Last Stand system of Frontlines 3.5, so depends of where he was shot, with which weapon, distance, etc...

    also experienced medics will save faster then noob ones... :thumbsup:

    have really many ways to this end... :salute:

    more news soon as the tests are beeing approved! :yay:

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