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  1. Is commander killing wrong?

    Last night I was playing on the UK Warfare server and my team was just ahead of the other side. Their commander (a UKWF member) was doing a really good job of keeping us back from a few flags so I decided I'd go and take care of them. The map was berlin so I jumped in a buggy and drove straight to their base. The commander was just lying prone in one of the tunnel entrances. I didn't even have to go looking for them. Walked up, knifed them and jumped back in the buggy and away I was. A short while later I decided to try the same thing again, there they were, prone in the same entranceway. Knifed them again and sped off. A minute later and I'm kicked from the server. No warnings, nada.

    I should point out that they weren't boxed into their default spawn area, they had around half the flags.

    I went in with a direct goal, take out the commander. I wasn't loitering and killing new spawners. Each time I was in the base for 30 seconds to a minute. Just the time to walk up them, tag em and speed off. In my mind they should of picked a decent hiding place and proning in the same place was just dumb.

    So did I break a taboo I'd never been aware of? Are we supposed to leave the commanders alone?

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    Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    Commanders somehow assumes they have invisibility.

    When you kill their commander, they lose a very vital part of their team. Some see it as unfair, I don't. If you see an enemy on the ground how can you not knife him

  3. Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    It all depends on their server rules. If they allow it then by all means go ahead. A good commander will hide and be very hard to sneak up on as he will be running Sat-Scans and watching everyone.

  4. Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by UKWF Site
    1. Commanders are not to leave the Titan/Uncap. They Can Defend
    2. Pilots DO NOT eject from transport ships
    3. DO NOT Attack the uncap unless you are recon destroying assets and then only fire if fired upon [Buffer]
    4. Anyone DELIBERATELY team killing for any reason WILL be kicked
    5. Persistent Spawn campers will be kicked. This includes Beacon Camping
    6. Players can be kicked to make way for Clan members starting with lone wolves
    7. No kamikaze or Ramming
    8 Anyone found cheating will be banned and reported to EA
    9. Do not shoot at the titan shields with AA guns it causes lag. If you do you will be kicked
    10. Do not put motion mines on Titan Shields
    11. Persistent rule breakers will be banned
    12. We operate a zero tolerance policy
    Rule 3 says it's ok to go in and destroy assets. I definately see the commander as an asset, without them the other assets don't function. I guess it's up to interpretation though. I think I'll ask them at their forum later today. I usually only play on a few servers and theirs is one of them.

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    xslaneyx Guest

    Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    i dont see a problem with it:laugh:

    i remember when docdurchschnit was commander and was prone near the water as pac in the uncap on camp gib. he knows i was after him for months. got him 5 seconds before he disconnected haha!:laugh:

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    Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    5. Persistent Spawn campers will be kicked. This includes Beacon Camping
    Well, that's one server I sure as hell won't play on. I don't feel like catering to someone's stupidity of not checking up on his situation before spawning on a beacon.

    As far as I'm concerned, the commander is a soldier like anyone else and can be killed. Take note, however, that in several cases, he is protected by the "no base raping" rule, so in these cases, you can't attack the CO unless it's in self-defence.

  7. Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    absolutely nothing wrong with killing the commander over and over what rediculous horse poop

    beacon camping lol theyre kidding right? right? kicked for BEACON CAMPING?? that is so stupid i dont even know what to say

  8. Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    I hate rules which aren't in the game. The server my clan used to run had a bunch of rules, too and I hated them. "Don't go in the uncap" ... it's a war game, right. FFS, shoot me if I'm in your uncap!

    "You're too close to the uncap and I'll kick you if you get any closer..." Well, tell them to come out and fight then! I'm here to play and they are hiding in their uncap!

    Telling players not to go to certain parts of the map is like saying, "Terrorists, stay out of our cities" ... yeah, right. Let me know how that works.

    Now, someone come slap me for being inconsiderate of the n00bs who can't eject the enemy. If that is the case, you're playing on the wrong server without enough players.

    The only reasons rules like this exist is to keep partially populated servers from drying up. The "server bailout" doesn't cost $700 billion, but it does cost your freedom from doing what you want to do. Thanks to the smacktards for their contributions to our represssion. LOL

    If more maps were Double Assault this wouldn't be such an issue either as both teams have an equal chance of getting out of their main base.


    Freedom is precious.

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    Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    I think having server rules other than no cheating/glitching/griefing is stupid and a waste of every ones time. 99% of the time it is nothing more than a vehicle for a frustrated admin to self justify kicking/banning someone killing him in a way he does not like.

    Why is it that I am expected to play the game a different way depending upon which server I join? Why must I change my play style or learn a different way to do things depending on the whims of the server admin? My favorites are the servers that say "Visit our website for server rules". What's up with that? I have to go to their website, and read your list of rules so I know what I can and can't do, or risk getting banned? I am not of the mind that paying for a server automatically gives you the right to dictate how the game is played. At least not in a ranked server environment. Even tho EA does not enforce or care, I really do think that ranked servers should be no rules servers. Anything less distorts the stats of people who play on the server the most often "the admins".

    Having said that, I ignore server rules all together and substitute my one golden rule. Don't be an ***, and you won't get kicked by decent admins. But if you see me in a server, count on me to swipe your vehicles if I'm near your uncap, place motions mines on your shield if you're camping the back deck in a gunship, go in and kill you in your uncap if your team is too bad to get out (mercy killing IMHO), and kill you each in every time you spawn on a beacon that I find. If you kick me for it, do me a favor and ban me so that I don't make the mistake of joining your server again accidentally.

    Now as bad as that sounds, I'm still welcome in most servers that don't have morons for admins because I don't make an *** of myself about doing it. Just because I will drop a transport on a walker occasionally does not mean that I do it all the time at the exclusion of everything else. You're way more likely to get a pilum in the *** of your walker from me, than to have me drop a transport on you. But if a ram is the tactically smart thing to do then that's what I'm gonna do, no matter what the server rules are.

    A player who's tired of cry baby admins and who just wants to play the game without having to worry about a bunch of ********.

  10. Re: Is commander killing wrong?

    on one hand limiting what people do in a server is annoying but then on the other hand people that wont play on a server because of certain rules are basically showing that they cant think creatively and win in any situation

    look at many action heros in most of your movies and they are presented with situations where they are disadvantaged in some way or have the odds against them but then they are able to improvise and still come out on top. just something to think about.

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