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    The PSP 3000 Screen Comparison

    The latest revision to the PSP was recently unveiled to the world. While most of the changes are fairly minor, the most noteworthy change was made to the display screen itself.

    Now, the screen is far more vibrant, provides better color contrast, and offers up less screen glare when compared to its older brother, the PSP 2000 model.

    Other changes to the newest model include a built-in microphone, minor button adjustments, and the ability for the PSP to now play on non-progressive scan televisions.


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    Re: The PSP 3000 Screen Comparison

    But what if I like my tomatoes looking tinted with white? or my women looking like pale ghosts? :lol:

    PSP 3000 screen looks great, wonder if they will setup "Skype" or another VOIP for PSP with the built-in Mics?

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