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Thread: ZzZ Videos

  1. ZzZ Videos

    Check out these BF2142 Videos I made, nothin special but they're not bad...enjoy!

  2. was pretty good i enjoyed them ... but your a massive voss n00b and because of this i hate you

  3. It's the final countdooooown...

    Cool stuff. Like how you cut/pace stuff to the music.

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    M.F.A Guest
    all i haft to say is noob u allways rocket instead of shooting

    and number 3 looks very non pro cos of free fraps lol

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    You can't dislike someone for the way they game if it is not your style MFA.
    But for a little bit i agree with you. But o well. It was pwnage.

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    M.F.A Guest
    its voss and rockets that the worst thing u can do in this game

    he dosent even aim half the time cmon ;D

    1 word


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    RichardDawkins Guest

    Re: ZzZ Videos


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    M.F.A Guest

    Re: ZzZ Videos


  9. Re: ZzZ Videos


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    Re: ZzZ Videos


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