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    Quote Originally Posted by Namakan View Post
    I tried this again and look who walked past me


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    |TG| Chefmoto1 Guest
    I wish you could select the ghillie suit for your 1st or 3rd perk

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    Haha, lovely stealth in those vids.

  4. Works mostly when the others have high graphics settings, otherwise, the grass doesn't render fully on low.

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    |TG| Chefmoto1 Guest
    My setup for this is:
    USP .45 Silenced
    Smoke Grenade(for getting to a good spot unnoticed or just for a distraction)
    Bandolier(for more pistol ammo)
    UAV Jammer
    Iron Lungs(for when I'm not using my knife or pistol)

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    [7IR]581|Pvt.Md2a Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Chefmoto1 View Post
    I wish you could select the ghillie suit for your 1st or 3rd perk
    That would be awesome. But it would get used by everyone.

    BTW, how much does a P90 show up if Im lying on my back in the grass? Mini-Uzi sucks too much, and MP5 is a bit too big.

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    |TG| Chefmoto1 Guest
    It doesn't show much but it still shows. I still prefer UAV Jammer over overkill though.

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    yeah, no point in hiding if you don't have UAV Jammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneCold313 View Post
    I love the ghillie..

    I remember back in BF2(when i played), snipers had that funky looking thing around them, and it acted as ghillie. And it didn't work at all(atleast didn't work for me).

    With BF2142, there was the buzzing camo thingy, and it worked time to time. Sometimes it worked like a charm, and sometimes not(IMO).

    With Cod4, there was ghillie, and i was amazed that how good it looked, and it actually worked like it's suppose...

    IMO, next one who add's ghillie to game, should take few pointers from CoD4 and IW...
    For BF2, you must use shadows, and for those a$$es with lame comps then you use bushes and dark spots of ground.

    For BF2142 the people with lame comps see the zz zz zz thing because their lame graphic card won't let you hide. It's all about how you use stuff.

    COD4 was perfect, even for the lamest 15FPS comp you can still hide.

  10. I don't see why an incapable computer is lame, but whatever floats your boat.

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