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    Ranked Server Breach

    It has been brought to our attention that there are hacked ranked servers running which allow the artificial increase of player scores. We are working with all parties involved to shut these servers down, prevent further use of the ranked servers for padding purposes and resetting those player accounts which have been found to be stat padding.

    Please be vigilant when connecting to a server for unusual behaviour including extremely short round times and excessively high scores by others on the server. If you suspect the server is being used for padding purposes please disconnect and report the server IP address to EA Customer Support at

    Source: Battlefield Portal

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    machstem Guest
    Do people seriously continue to look at ranks and score when playing BF2? Is it that important of an issue? (directed towards EA, not the OP )

  3. Oh wow, recognition after 2 years. Great work EA.

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    [R-PUB]MrD Guest
    I was invited to an xfire stats padding group within the last week. So I joined it, took down all details/screenies of the users and the servers they were putting up to statspad and handed them to EA via their support email system listed and left the group.

    Within 36hrs max this news came out. Maybe coincidence, who knows.

    But it goes to show how lame people are about this sort of thing. If they want to go cheating and lying throughout their lives then they are going to end up soulless idiots and no one in their lives will have any respect for them. A mans word is his honour. When you break that, you are left with nothing.

    Are any of these people your "gaming buddies"?? They might be able to answer to why they are in a stats padding organisation.

    Admin : Xfire - 1ststatpadder
    Xfire - washandtje
    Xfire - Barnkis (barnkis)
    Xfire - =[MI5]=Snipe[this] (vortegox)
    Xfire - {TGH} Khaira ö (khaira13)
    Xfire - Oneill (oneill348)
    Xfire - Gearcraft (click4dylan)
    Xfire - [HJE] SSЯ K¡ll€r™ (ssrkiller)
    Xfire - =EI={TGH} XARGLES™ DRAKEY (xargles)
    Xfire - 1aaron
    Xfire - Shima15 (shima15)
    Xfire - +R4\/1$()\/\//\$|_| (tlorenzo94)
    Xfire - ≈£єєד≈§!£ëñt≈|<¿ll@≈ (fnfsilent)
    Xfire - Mad-Mike (20madmike08)
    Xfire - Kozmoz (platoonia)
    Xfire - [XF.TDes]^Prophet (gr12)

    event listing :

    New Stat-Padding Association
    Jan 20th:
    Welcome, I am starting up a social group which is called -SPA- Stat Padding Association. If you enjoy stat padding, please apply to join the group so you can easily find someone to pad with.

    Jan 26th:
    Competetion will be held soon. Details Will Change
    1st Place: 2 Week Admin + 4 Star General Account
    2nd Place: 2 Week Admin
    3rd Place: 1 Week Admin

    Note: These are schedule to change.
    2008-01-20 23:01 by -SPA- Prophet/Slipz (gr12)
    views: 252

    Ranked Padding Server Details, apparently belonging to Xfire - Gearcraft (click4dylan)

    want to have a pad fest? join my server at; server name MajorPad's Stats Padding Ranked. all are invited. need someone to pad with? this is the forum to go to. donations are welcome at Donate to Major Pad [MP]

    In-game Admin rights (without bf2cc access) are $10.00 a month.
    Accelerated Admin Rights (with bf2cc access and ingame) are $20.00 a month.
    Reserved slots are $5.00 a month (get in the server even if its full!)
    In-game Admin + Reserved slot combo is $15.00 a month.
    Accelerated admin + Reserved slot is $25.00 a month.

    Donate to Major Pad [MP]


    -[*MP*]Gearcraft - Founder of MajorPad and the MajorPad Server

  5. It's coincidence.

    Sad times are coming to anyone renting BF2/BF2142 servers - ranked OR unranked. There's another announcement from EA coming soon

  6. Happened to me

    I posted about this earlier this week... I got into a small server to get some jet practice, and noticed that the other people in there had like 65k points in the round... I left the server, but my rank kept going up in other servers. I'm not sure what was hacked, the first server or my account, but I guess I should be prepared to be knocked down by EA...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GrossKopf View Post
    It's coincidence.

    Sad times are coming to anyone renting BF2/BF2142 servers - ranked OR unranked. There's another announcement from EA coming soon

    They're going to stop renting them?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Diplomat View Post
    They're going to stop renting them?
    I really can't say because of an NDA, but if EA follows through with what they are saying, a lot of server owners and server companies are going to be pissed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vika09 View Post
    Oh wow, recognition after 2 years. Great work EA.

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    Oli Guest

    Some of the members are on these forums

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