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    If you have two side buttons, bind the other to Frag for easier cooking.

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    TSlaw* Guest
    Side mous buttons work wonders period. No matter the binding. I use mine for easy knife, and switching to my RPG/C4. Frags on there just randomly get thrown for some reason for me. So the tip being, go buy a mouse with side button(s)

  3. To quickly take cover and get up again in a mounted mg, go next to it, go prone, and simply press f to switch between cover and shoot. Works wonders when lots of enemies are in the open.

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    The middle-mouse button is the default button for throwing nades...

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    Not sure if it has been posted, but you can get over most obstacles without doing the climbing animation (and not being able to shoot) if you jump towards the object, then press space again at the peak of your jump (just holding spacebar works too). You should kind of "slide" over the object. Make sure you're not in "climbing" range before you jump though.

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    rotorocker Guest
    how about a stupid question like whats the pros(benefits) and cons of a hardcore vs regular server and how can you tell the difference on the server browser window?

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    It's all preference

    hardcore = more damage, etc.

    And, you can't tell (other than by server name) in browser (yet)

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    I got a G9 for a present...from a friend. Dang this is so awesome. And the weight adjustment system works wonders. I'm surprise how much a difference 2-4 grams make!!!

    Anyway I got my mouse botton to knife, it totally owns. And the other to frag or air support.

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    I still prefer the G5 over the G9, just doesn't fit my hand properly.

    I do love the mousewheel and weight system though.
    Tip: The Knife is silent enough for you not to appear on the compass.

  10. To all the BF2/2142 players out there:

    1. When you start to play multiplayer, expect a ton of deaths and minimal kills. You die ALOT in COD4. So don't worry about your K/D for a while. My K/D finally got over 1 at around 2nd Lieutenant.

    2. Watch your fire and try out every weapon at least once. You cannot replenish ammo, so either be conservative with your ammo (at least until you get the bandolier perk) or be able to pick up an abandoned weapon and be able to use it well enough to continue fighting effectively.

    3. Explore the maps. The maps in COD4 are very complex compared to BF maps and have tons of different pieces of cover and sniper lookouts per map. I recommend finding an empty server and just go exploring. You may find some very surprising and advantageous terrain features

    4. Take some off time to fine-tune your classes. You all probably know how to do this by now (especially you BF2142 folks). Most downtime between maps are too short to allow you to completely overhaul your custom classes so be prepared before-hand

    5. Don't try to jump into vehicles on the maps. They don't work. Plus you would feel pretty stupid when you get your head blown off by a sniper while you were busy trying to hop in the tank in Bog.

    6. When you earn a UAV sweep, Air strike, or Helicopter Support, you can use it after you die and re-spawn. Your kill counter resets to zero, though. I would often save an air strike or Helicopter until after I died and use it to rack up a bunch of kills immediately.

    7. No dog tags. I wanna see them in 1.5.

    8. Stealth actually works in COD4. You can easily hide yourself in the often abundant brush and rubble (even without a ghillie suit).

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