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    Webs961 Guest
    This thread has so much potential...

    Oh well, it's still a waste of my time.

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    Dear god Almond.... is that your fugly mug in your avy?

  3. Also i must not forget communism

  4. alex get wasted again, we had such fun when you were drunk? i know u remember

  5. ^^^^^^^^
    thats a nice smile you got there i bet you get all the honies in school

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    JustMe0171 Guest
    actually it reminds me of one of the degruntled nerdy kids in school who is ready to flip out on a moments notice & shoot everbody......

    anger management dude,,,, it works

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    At least i get drunk....

  8. he can do that too you need to say something like

    "At least i get laid...."

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    u get pwned =)

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Boris;1768456Also i must not forget communism [/IMG

  10. LoL Failure quote

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