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    We'll, I just installed Windows Vista Home Premium and Battlefield 2 and my resolution is at 1280x1050 in bf2 and for some reason it cuts off the edges of my game making it look like I am on a CRT monitor but im really on a LCD Widescreen 22".

    Could someone tell me how to fix this?


    By the way my specs are..

    8800 gtx.

    80 gig maxtor.

    amd athlon 4000+.

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    I have a 22" Widescreen and play at 1280x960@60hz. My desktop resolution is 1680x1050@60hz. I don't think there are any options to display fullscreen so see if my setting works.

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    Re: Cut Off.

    You get get more out of you monitory on BF2, i also have a 22" widescreen and you need to trick BF2 in playing it in a better res.
    My res is 1680 *1050, so what i do is right click on the BF2 icon on your desk top and then go to propites then go to the box that says some thing about fullscreen then type just like this with the right spaces.After the word full screen leave a space then type.
    1+szy 1680 +szy 1050
    But what ever your monitor's res is just change it, if its also 1680 * 1050 then just type just what i have, also your BF2 video opitions will still say that you are running it at what ever it was last on, but to find out if its worked go in game and take a screen shot, then look at it on your screen shot folder in my computer, put the corser over the pic and it should tell you what res it was taken in.

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    Re: Cut Off.

    Possibly? What you're saying isn't that clear...

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