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  1. Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    Newest drivers and FPS unlocking would work fine. Im running all settings on MED and the game looks sweet, better than BF2 does.

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    L3adcannon Guest

    Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    I run all setting on high without shadows. Game looks amazing even then.

  3. Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    I tweaked up my graphics last night and gave it another go. Still playing the Strogg and getting used to the fact that I don't really need to lead my target much. It is mostly trying to hit dead center on the guy. It was a little more fun with more people this time around. Still though, it kinda feels slow and I have not found much coheasion with people. No one forms squads and I think there really is going to be a handicap the game not having built in VOIP. I recall an conversation over at TotalQW about it and it was a mixed feeling about if VOIP would be good or bad built in. Well, after playing several hours in QWs, with it not having the great comm-rose that BF2 has, I think it really sucks not having VOIP.

    I'll keep playing though, I am still enjoying it enough to give it more time. But it is hard to adjust to the confinements of a QuakeWars style map there is is all restricted to certain objectives. I thought it might be fun, but when you are a player that likes to back door the other team, it is annoying.

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    Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    The game crashes everytime I try and load it up

  5. Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    Yeah, my friend is having issues with the graphics quality. I told him he needs to update his drivers. Maybe that will work for you aswell?

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    Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    played it yesterday, GFX suck and so does the gameplay. I enjoyed Q4 a hell of a lot better.

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    mrkidkill Guest

    Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    Seems like a cross between BF2142 and soldier of

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    L3adcannon Guest

    Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrkidkill View Post
    Seems like a cross between BF2142 and soldier of
    I kinda feel SoF in there too, dunno why. But that`s a good thing- SoF2 has an awesome MP.

    Was spec ops a sec ago, kept hammering (rocket arty) the strogg like no tomorrow. Got loads of upgrades sitting in my corner defending my Hammer from strogg infiltrators. That all lasted till 3-4 well organized strogg raped me and blew my asset up. I bloody love QW.

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    june Guest

    Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    I play it every day ,i love it !

  10. Re: Quake Wars Demo out!

    It really tosses me for a loop when I go back to BF and I have trouble entering vehicles or start to sprint and I hold down my shift key all round.

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